Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing

This course will enable delegates to:

  • Understand the resilience and wellbeing continuum.
  • Identify relationship between resilience and wellbeing and healthy high performance.
  • Understand how Resilience and wellbeing yields return on investment.
  • Compare the two dimensional approach to supporting resilience and wellbeing.
  • Explore Wraw and the 5 pillars of Resilience.
  • Discuss the interrelationship among the pillars.
  • Learn skills of applying positive psychology flourishing tools.

Diversity & Inclusion

More details coming soon.

Women: Building Confidence

More details coming soon.

Women: Leadership Development

This workshop provides the template needed to get more confidence and keep it so you can create the career and live in which you can thrive. In this workshop you’ll walk away being able to:

  • Lower your stress level by challenging the beliefs and mindsets that makes you doubt yourself and instil courage in you to do your best work ever.
  • Identify your unique strengths – become aware of practical ways you can apply them each day at work to boost your energy and effectiveness.
  • Have the confidence to show up and lead up authentically.


My coaching philosophy focuses on the whole being by using positive psychology tools to move each individual from functioning to flourishing by cultivating these five pillars of wellbeing: Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, meaning and achievement.